Cooper River Rabbit

A bunny rabbit was spotted by Scott M at Cooper River Park in Cherry Hill NJ. He thought perhaps this might be a house pet that was DUMPED off. He sent in this photo asking for confirmation.


Right away we had people out in the park looking for this little guy. Night fell and he didn’t turn up. We had volunteers with cages, nets, treats and everything in between out looking for him. Another day had passed and rains came. It didn’t look good for this white rabbit out in the open like this.

Another day came and more rain along with it. FINALLY he was found after searching at night in the rain by JOHN PAOLONE JR and REGIS ROSE. This handsome little guy made it to tribbles corp tired, thirsty and covered in ticks. He had to see a vet but is currently doing OKAY we are happy to report. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who helped find him.

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